About Me

“For I know who holds tomorrow.”


Well hello there.

Welcome to my blog, Transparent! My name is Megan Kingsley and I am your not-so-average college studeIMG_3130.JPGnt who deals with the every day struggle of adulting and life. I am a junior, pursuing a major in marketing and absolutely loving it. I am also a member of the University of Georgia’s Swim and Dive team, and I have been swimming since I was 6 years old. My passions include living life fully, traveling, being with friends, adventures, reading, cooking, and pursuing a relationship with Jesus.

Born and raised in the south, and a true Georgia fan through and through. My life has been full of challenges, twists, highs and lows, but at the end of the day I am so grateful for every moment of life I have been given. My blog is full of posts covering a plethora of topics from friends, food, places, and random thoughts or ideas I have. My goal is to be completely transparent, and to not be afraid to be vulnerable. To be real and relatable. I hope you find that even as a quirky, yet enthusiastic Division I athlete, I go through the similar hardships or have the same thoughts and feelings as anyone else may.



What do I share?

Like I said, I am extremely passionate about a number of things, within a wide range of random topics, but all things that I like! I want to share and write about topics that not only are important and relatable, but also why they matter and are relevant. So my posts will go from athletics to life in Athens, to foods, people, thoughts and quotes that I want to share with you. Since I’ve been in college, I have learned so much about being independent, growing up, and life itself. Life is truly full of unexpected events but also amazing moments to look back on and be grateful for. I want to share things I have learned in the past few short (yet incredible) years here in Athens. Every day I learn something new from friends, family, mentors, and teammates that you can’t learn in the classroom. “Adulting” isn’t any easy thing to do, but necessary to survive in the real world. There is so much more beyond the college parties, late nights, game days, tedious work, and I want to share my “adulting” journey with you.    IMG_3083.JPG   IMG_4368.JPG